Who’s Jim Humble?

Jim's protocols are restoring health around the world for pennies on the dollar.

Jim’s protocols are restoring health around the world for pennies on the dollar. Jim has affected over 15 million people & counting!


Jim Humble, an ex-aerospace scientist created the successful protocols of NaCLO2 called water purification drops or Master Mineral Solution, and some have called  it, Miracle Mineral Solution, most refer to it as MMS to restore health.

Thousands of families in 110 countries are successfully using MMS to treat 95% of the diseases known, thus restoring health.  Jim Humble by trade has been an aerospace engineer and innovative inventor of a popular mining table, (Action Mining Wave Table).  Mining Gold,  pollution free was just an enjoyed hobby of his. 

While in South America, Jim Humble’s crew contracted malaria while mining. With his creative mind, Jim asked his crew to try a chemical to purify water. The chemical solution appeared to remove symptoms. Which after testing was found to have removed the malaria from his crew’s bodies. Since then, Jim, has seen thousands rid their bodies of malaria in just 4 hours, under his simple protocols. Restored health. He has spent the last 19 years providing proof of the safety and efficacy of the Master Mineral Solution, formerly called, Miracle Mineral Solution, and/or most refer to it as MMS.  Now Red Cross has proven it works. Restoring health to malaria victims. This is a must have for any emergency medical kit, camping or preparedness medical kit. It can be use for burns, cuts, rashes, disinfecting, water purifying, food poisoning, detoxing, pain, spider bites, and more.

Proof once more MMS is effective in restoring health.  Once more, it is reasonably priced. No medical or preparedness kit should be without it. MMS2 is really a chemical compound manufactured and used by the human body and is also available most place in the world.  It is low cost and can be used to supplement what the body is already making if taken according to Jim Humble’s proven protocols. Once his formula was proven to work far better than anyone expected, Jim dedicated his life to spreading the word and power of MMS to those he trained as  health ministers all over the world. It was almost Biblical the way these ministers were able to heal the sick among those who were sick  

That really caught the attention of people in parts of the world where malaria kills millions of children. Untold thousands of lives have been saved with MMS protocols.


“It is better to have MMS and never need it, than to need it and not have it.”    – By Paris Humble-Chavez


People have written to Jim from all over the world. Giving him testimonials of their recovery of all sorts of ailments.  Many in which he had no idea MMS would help.  The importance of people and their feedback has allowed him to alter and improve upon what are now the simple protocols everyone follows today. Of course, Jim has tried and tested all he recommends in his book. Specific protocol results are oriented towards specific solutions which have been going on for 19 years.  How it is administered, is king on getting the results you want.

Get the full story with this video from Jim Humble himself.

Now Jim starts his third career and a new world wide church of health, Genesis II Church of Health and Healing to create a “Disease Free World of Health“, the only church of its kind.  It is a non denominational-religious church,  with the mission to help the world regain their health. The Genesis II Church summed up in two beliefs,  “Do Good Deeds” and  “Always Do What is Right“. 

Over 15,000 bottles are sold monthly in North America alone. More and more are benefiting from this miraculous discovery. MMS is now defended by EPH

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