What is MMS?

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Why do you want to know more about MMS?

A “mineralized” body is a happy body, MMS is a chemical compound that boosts the immune system, supports normal growth and development, and helps cells and organs do their job better.  – and your doctor STILL won’t tell you about it.
  It is about health and wellness naturally. This natural mineral is a compound that kills by oxidation all the pathogens and microorganisms that prevents any human body from being healthy and thus allows the body to regain health.

People who have recovered from serious illness by the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS will all tell you without hesitation – there is SOMETHING special about MMS.  You probably saw the recent news reports when supplements sold in Walmart were shown to be full of cheap fillers like ground grass. That’s just plain sad.

Yes, I know you’ve heard these claims before. All supplements CLAIM to do what MMS achieves.

But the thing that makes MMS so different are the HUGE crowds of people who take MMS daily and see incredible DOCUMENTED RESULTS!

Just eight daily drinks can do the job!  Some ailments need addition make sense protocols.

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This alternative therapy, MMS has helped millions of people become healthy and stay healthy with pennies on the dollar.  In comparison to the thousands of dollars that is expected to be spent on the exact same illness with drugs or other procedures.! Thousands of  families in 110 countries are successfully using MMS to treat 95% of the diseases known.

Some of the Benefits of MMS….

MMS                       Oxidizes Poisons:

  • Poisons are neutralized, such as snake bits, food poisoning and spider bites.
  • Reduces pain from any of the above crisis.
  • Fast results; Typically 20 to 30 minutes for food poisoning .


MMS                         Oxidizes Heavy Metals:

  • Testing the roots of hair is a good indication of the absence or presence of heavy metals. When heavy metals are oxidized, they are neutralized. Allowing the body to wash them out, including mercury, lead, and other such metals for health and wellness.
  • One ClO2 ion, the solution per Jim Humble’s protocols, use in the body can destroy up to 5 molecules of free radicals. That’s more than any other oxidizer the body will use.  Health and wellness is ordinary with its use.

 MMS                        Heals Faster:

  • Burns heal fast, especially 2nd and 3rd degree burns.
  • By lowering the PH of the burn area for expedient results.  Health and wellness of the skin returns, pronto.
  • While alleviating pain from burns when exact protocols are followed. This in itself is valuable. Even the burn wards with and without medication can not give this kind of relief in such a short time.
  • Don’t want that root canal, now you don’t have to have it
  • Abscess teeth can be handled at home and pain diminished
  • Works great with gum diseases. Many use it daily with the recommended protocols to keep the dentist away.


 MMS                        Treated Autism:

  • Over3000 families in over 2 dozen countrieshave used MMS for Autism Spectrum Disorder, successfully.
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  • “A total of 369 children have so far been recovered (ATEC score of 10 or below) using the CD Autism protocol! CD stands for ChlorineDioxide, which is an inexpensive, broad spectrum, gentle, anti-pathogenic.”

So simple it can be made right in your own kitchen!

How does this happen?     How can MMS be so effective?

MMS very simply puts abundance of a natural mineral into the body.This mineral destroys 95% of all disease causing microorganisms allowing your body to create health without additional help.  Today’s modern diets are completely lacking in these essential minerals for your body to manufacture this chemical in large enough amounts to combat diseases.!

There are even more benefits, HIV, Malaria, and AIDS plus more.. MMS seems to purify the blood which aids the body in healing its self, un-limiting your body to its many healing potentials of health and wellness.  This new understanding of NaClO2 ion secret is contain in Jim V. Humble’s audio book.  Get the audio and learn what over 15 million already know and are experiencing renewed health and vitality with pain relief as a back burner side effect.  Health and wellness can be yours again now and again.

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“Jim Humble’s discovery may be the biggest contribution to mankind since electricity and the internet.-Paris Chavez

Many say; Jim Humble will go down in history for his tenacity and his inventive mind of his simple effective protocols.

If there is a future holocaust or virus, bacteria warfare, you will be prepared.  This is cheaper than penicillin and last longer than any other known antibiotic that we are aware of.  It just make sense to have this in your home, business, preparedness or camping medical kit.  Knowledge is power.  This knowledge is imperative to every family in America and even in the entire world. This data is not only for the rich and famous, but now for anyone who cares for himself and his family. Take back control of your health with this audio.  It shows you how easily that can be done with Jim Humble’s simple MMS protocols

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