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Its Paris Humble-Chavez

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I thought i would add this Video in because he is a very special person who is standing up for your and my rights to freedom that our forefathers meant for us never to lose not even over a couple of hundred of years. He needs our support and backing. So what ever you can do to contribute to his campaign would be helpful.  This is another person who is standing up for the people and their rights even though the government is choosing a special few over the people.

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My personal Opinion

My personal view is we vote every day.  Where ever you put your dollar or spend your money is voting. So to put money back into these monsters is a crime, you must spend your money with more care. No Proctor & Gamble products, foods with chemicals, buy from MLM’s  when ever possible and only products that add value to lives and do not hurt our environment.  How important is this?  VITAL.  Buy organic foods, tells the people in power you care about your health and you start putting money in the pockets of farmers and the people instead of the big conglomerates, who are trying to suppress  and control you. Stop buying what the advertising tells you unless you know who the people are and are not the conglomerates who are paying government officials to demise your rights though laws that only benefit the few.

Republican and the Democrats are for the people so should be together. To separate them is only to take our eye of the ball so we can be befuddled.  What is the greatest good for the greatest numbers is what we are talking about not the favor few like the pharmaceuticals, chemicals companies, Monsanto etc. Stop buying process foods. Stop buying McDonald’s, and any of it likes. Stop buying into what the TV thinks is cool and start looking at you and your neighbor for products, his manners, his morality and his ethics. Are they for freedom of all or just for few elite.  And start protecting your neighbor’s rights because those are your rights. Stop shopping at Wal-mart if possible and Target. Shop at your neighbors or local stores.   I hope you are getting the idea. Who cares about the designer labels. Get a great product and what you want not what they tell you what you want. Stop putting money into few who are trying to enslave us.

Start caring and start showing it by where you spend your cash. Yes, many are, but we need more. Dying or standing up for our rights here is more fruitful than dying over seas for conglomerates who benefit from the war.  Drugs have killed more people than all the wars put together.  Check out Get informed this page is just a direction of information there is a lot more. That will surprise you but more and more are getting informed and joining in helping each other as it protects our rights.