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Its Paris Humble-Chavez

Its Paris Humble-Chavez

I am Paris Humble-Chavez.  I am Jim Humble’s daughter.  I suggested to my father he should put his book into an audio format.  For those like myself who would rather listen to his book than read it.  Thus, this website and his audio was born.

It just may, “Save your life or that of someone you love.”   I have had great success with MMS.  My mother also has alleviated her arthritis.  As well as my mother-in-law with her gout and memory.   You may find this well worth your time and investment as I have.  I have found it has save me trips to the ER in the matter of  poisonous spider bites and even a 2nd degree burn. MMS took the pain away fast and flushing with ph water. I kept up the water and the burn protocol until it stop hurting.  It only bubbled up in a spot I missed. Healing was about a week and half. Only a small scare where I missed.

Truly Many Felicities,
Mrs. Paris Humble-Chavez

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