What is MMS? (Precisely)

MMS© aka Master Mineral Solution, Miracle Mineral Solution, Sodium Chlorite Solution and NaCLO2 solution made from 22.4-28% Sodium Chlorite mixed with a weak food-grade acid (commonly known as Citric Acid or Lemon juice) to become the Solution people commonly call MMS© in 2004. After the solution is mixed it now becomes a chemical formula of chlorine dioxide, then mixed with water makes a formal MMS© mixture used to restore a condition of health by aiding the body to heal its self. Helps the body to do it job better.  This is the very same chemical your body produces to combat any thing in the body that isn’t suppose to be there.  It just gives your body that extra boost of chlorine dioxide.

MMS are the initials for Master Mineral Solution.

This solution consists mostly of water with chlorine dioxide as a very weak solution – along with regular table salt and several other trace neutral chemicals, such as sodium hydroxide, sodium carbonate, and sodium bicarbonate – none of which are considered poisonous. The trace chemicals are neutralized by the acid that activates the chlorine dioxide.

Chemical formula of chlorine dioxide

Chlorine dioxide is the active ingredient in MMS after it is activated by the acid. The Chemical formula of chlorine dioxide is ClO2. That formula shows that there is one atom of chlorine (Cl) and 2 atoms of oxygen (O2) in a molecule of chlorine dioxide. These 3 atoms are held together by electrons to form the molecule of chlorine dioxide. Chlorine dioxide is a gas, and MMS are in most cases used as a gas dissolved in water. The ClO2 gas can be used at times directly on the skin, or even in the mouth. Chlorine dioxide is one of the most effective killers of pathogens such as bacteria, molds, fungus, viruses, bio-film and other disease-causing microorganisms, which includes the vast majority diseases of mankind.

Chlorine dioxide does not become available until the mild acid is added.

Anything in excess, or anything that is used in too high amount — can be bad for anyone.

Chlorine dioxide is the active ingredient in MMS (nick name of Jim’s discovered solution) after it is activated by acid.

MMS (drops of chlorine dioxide mixed with water) is a very mild chemical  solution your body manufactures. Every single chemical known to man can be poisonous when taken in too large of quantities. Recently – a girl died from drinking too much water. [2] Ninety five percent of the medicines known to man are extremely poisonous when used in large quantities. About 15 aspirins can kill a person. One half of a cup of most of the chemicals under your sink would kill a person.

Sunlight can bleach. Even lemon can bleach. However, we don’t really think of sunlight or lemon as bleach (and certainly not three drops of lemon diluted in a glass of water.) MMS is no more than a bleach than sunlight or lemons.

60% of the water companies in the USA are now using chlorine dioxide to purify drinking water.

OFF SUBJECT:  The sad part is they then introduce poisons back into the water guise as health additives like Fluoride and other junk.  So much that municipals are forced to make a public notice yearly that their water has cancer causing additives and may cause birth defects. Now you as a consumer can not sue the city if you or your children drink the water and contract cancer or your child is born with any birth defects. ( I was floored by this in 1990, ever since I stopped drinking any municipal water.  I figured not safe enough not to get sue by, then not safe enough to drink.)

Chlorine dioxide has the weakest oxidation potential (.95 volts) of all the oxidizers. Oxygen has the next highest oxidation potentials of 1.28 volts. Those oxidation potentials of .95 and 1.28 volts can do very little damage to the human body. This is because these voltages cannot overcome the opposing oxidation potentials in healthy human cells and tissues. This is enough to destroy pathogens without hurting healthy tissue deep in the body.

Precisely, we are saying MMS©  is not harmful to any body and may be the extra boost to the immune system for the body to heal itself.  Many had nothing to lose to try it. That is how MMS got its fame. With Jim Humble’s tenacity to show its efficacy and not allowing big pharma to bury this discovery, Jim Humble has contributed one of the biggest life changing revolutionary discoveries to health and wellness of our time and only to be compared to Edison, and the Internet.  Now, that is something to look into. Wouldn’t you say?

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7.  The statements throughout this website have not been evaluated by the     Food and Drug Administration. The products on this website are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Over 16 million users can not be wrong..and still rising because it works. Every day users are telling or blogging or writing about their successes in using MMS.  Major networks disk MMS because most are own and control by the Pharma industry or owners. Sad but today’s media is not accountable nor accurate. You get to hear what they want you to hear and most is not real news. Scary thought to know you are not notified on what is really going on.

I am Paris Humble-Chavez. I am Jim Humble’s daughter. I suggested to my father he should put his book into an audio format. For those like myself who would rather listen to his book than read it. Thus, this website and his audio was born.

It just may, “Save your life or that of someone you love.” I have had great success with MMS. My mother also has alleviated her arthritis. As well as my mother-in-law with her gout and memory. You may find this well worth your time and investment as I have. I have found it has save me trips to the ER in the matter of poisonous spider bites and even 2nd degree burn. It help me get my memory back in 2012. Something the medical profession couldn’t do with drugs.

Truly Many Felicities,
Mrs. Paris Humble-Chavez

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